The Authority Smashing! Hour


6/9/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

The Authority Smashing! Hour strikes again!!!

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6 comments on “6/9/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

  1. Charles
    June 10, 2009

    It’s fantastic what you guys are doing, keep it up and we’ll keep spreading the word.

  2. 9r33n
    June 11, 2009

    awww damn! I wanted to hear what buddhagen was going to say about anarcho capitalists =~

  3. CaptainFrantic
    June 12, 2009

    Thanks again for the show guys. I know you people have limited time but I really could listen to it at least every other night. As some of the guys in the chat room were saying, one hour goes by far too quickly. It was great to take part in the chat room btw and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Also, I’m going to hold Chomskyan to his pledge to try and get Noam Chomsky to make a guest appearance hehe. Make it so! [/picard]. See you all next week people.

    • authoritysmashers
      June 12, 2009

      Hello Capt. Frantic, Thanks for all your support. I think the main thing is coordinating everything between the three of us, which at times are difficult. As far as time being limited, David is the key there because he is the only one with a full time job right now.

      I like to see us do a show every weekday, maybe longer than one hour. But as we are not professionals yet it’s hard. Maybe as we build up an audience we will try to expand.

      I am heading to New York tonight to see Noam speak, and tomorrow we are interviewing Norman Finkelstein, who just returned from Gaza. If I get to talk to Noam, I will mention the show and see if he has time to come on. I asked Avi Chomsky, his daughter, who is a historian herself, and works on immigrant rights, to come on the show and she said she would. So, all in due time.

      Funny you used a Star Trek TNG reference, I think David and Jonathan would never get it…. but I am a trekker haha.

      Take care,


      • jrpigg
        June 12, 2009

        Wow … if you could somehow line up Noam & Avi that would great.

        The chat room is pretty cool, b/c it’s like a peanut gallery. We can talk over you guys w/out actually doing it, put up links, lol, etc … .

        Any ideas what’s on the agenda for this week’s show?

  4. rdawkins
    June 15, 2009

    I’m thrilled about what this show is in for!

    one suggestion, can you turn the mp3’s into a feed so I can subscribe to it as a podcast? you should then submit it to Itunes and the Zune marketplace, it would bring in many more listeners.

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