The Authority Smashing! Hour


6/23/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

Another smashing! hour!!!

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7 comments on “6/23/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

  1. power2theplankton
    June 26, 2009

    Oops, left a comment for this show, on the comments section of the previous show.

  2. Captain Frantic
    June 26, 2009

    Regarding the Iranian election “scandal” (gee … it was rigged? … wow! … didn’t see that coming) and the subsequent public outcry here in the west, I have to say that I find it all a little bit … shallow?

    I mean FFS all this nonsense about putting a green tint onto your twitter avatar to “show solidarity” with the struggle in Iran … what good is that going to do exactly? None whatsoever. However, and more sinisterly, what the vast majority of green twitters are actually saying by extension is something akin to “our system of government is so wonderful here in the capitalist west … if only those poor Iranians had a system as great as ours”. Yeah, riiiiiight. What a crock of sh!t. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but that’s just the way I see it.

    As Buddhagem said, we should be wary of the “media circus wagging our tails” (which I assume is a reference to the old adage of “the tail wagging the dog” hehe). I also agree with Jonathan when he said that we are in no position to “help” the Iranians in any meaningful way. Whilst our awareness of situations such as that in Iran can be useful, our main focus must surely remain fixed on our own struggle against illegitimate state authority in our own countries.

    Finally, if I could just respond to Jonathan about his comments on my statement concerning democracy. While I accept your response, my objection to “democracy” nevertheless still stems from the logical conclusion that a majority decision *may* be (and usually is) then enforced on the inevitable “dissenting” minority. This does not fit well with my ideals of anarchy and participatory voluntarism. So I would say that democracy is indeed fine but only if and when it does not result in enforced oppression of the dissenting minority. I know that there are many more complex considerations in this matter but as a ground level basis I believe it’s a good starting point for defining a FREE and VOLUNTARY democracy. I think the distinction is important and needs to be made.

  3. Tyler
    June 27, 2009

    Thanks for replying to my question on the show.

    One of you made a comment about corporations being protected by private security firms. Are you guys suggesting that corporations don’t need the state? What about the subsidies the state provides to major corporations? Without the state, how would they get bailed out?

    I’m not saying we should totally do away with the state tomorrow. However, it would be nice to try to create structures that work outside the state, and at least try to think of how society would work without it. What would it take for another Spanish Revolution to occur today, in which a stateless society was created?

  4. Tyler
    June 28, 2009

    I liked the thing about health care. My Mom had a ruptured appendix last year, and fortunately in Canada, she didn’t have to pay in order to have the surgery.

    I wonder how many people with ruptured appendices die in the US because they can’t afford to pay?

  5. Marc J. Mancini
    June 29, 2009

    Hey guys…love your show…keep up the great work! I do have one question to ask–I sent an email out about a week or two ago asking if you guys are interested in coming to Pittsburgh on September 25-25th, the time and location of the G-20 summit. I am from Pittsburgh and I know a lot of local and national organizing is currently going on, and I myself will be attending. I think it would be really cool to have you guys come down and maybe do a special radio show about it, what do you think? Let me know! Also, I on Thursday, June 25th, I had the pleasure of attending a healthcare rally in D.C. with my Union (UFCW, Local 23) in which about 10,000 activists (mostly unions)attended, and I know there is another rally planned for July 30th I believe…would you guys be interested and possibly doing a show about that as well? I think you guys are doing a great job, and I just think it’d be interesting to have you gentlemen attend political events and discussing about it with personal exerpience on your show, or at the very least inform the viewers about upcoming events and inviting them to call in to discuss how their experiences went. I wouldn’t mind sharing my thoughts and experiences, and I’m sure there are hundreds of listeners out there who feel the same! Thanks again for your time and considerations. Keep up the great work!

    Peace, love, anarchy,
    Marc J. Mancini, union steward for UFCW Local 23 (unfortunately my union is not interested in attending or sponsoring any events for the G-20 summit; they’re not exactly anarchists like myself, but maybe I can change their minds)

    • jrpigg
      June 30, 2009

      I’ll probably be in Pittsburgh for the G20. Can you post some contact info?

  6. Marc J. Mancini
    July 1, 2009

    Yeah if you guys are interested in coming just shoot me an email at we can meet up somewhere and march together. Hope to see you there!

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