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7/21/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

anarcho-heartTonight’s show sans Buddhagem:

Check out this documentary on the killings in Afghanistan.

11 comments on “7/21/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

  1. power2theplankton
    July 22, 2009

    Looks like the link to that video didn’t work.. does this work?

  2. jrpigg
    July 23, 2009

    Another good show.

    Jonathan …

    You and David play well off each other, but I thought you did well alone. You touched on some interesting news topics. But, I especially liked your thoughts on anarchist “speak:” we should constantly be aware of our rhetorical situation in any discourse we engage in.

    I wish I could have caught it live, but alas I was traveling.

  3. Mat
    July 23, 2009

    Any of you guys read The Coming Insurrection (found out through TheStimulator – quite good, quite on target with current spirits, overall zeitgeist and its desire of avoidance)? Any intention of commenting on it? Anyone know any reading material similar to that?

    And what do you guys think of figures like Hakim Bey, Bob Black, Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem and others that are more “individualistic” and about recognizing more the “political in the personal” sort of thing, and trying to find the “political” in everyday interaction, recognizing what is authoritarian alienation in things like identity politics (or things like Free Tibet, cry for Darfur etc) and exorcising what is deemed as political but are the accepted “issues” and the houseowners’ allowed political playing house and elite political trading card hobbies or partisan discipline etc? I tend to distrust authors like that, but at the same time I find them interesting in that they fulfill areas of discussion that figures like Chomsky or Michael Albert rarely mention (like I said about The Coming Insurrection, there’s a sense of perceiving what’s truly “yours” in political/”political” concerns that can be interesting – but that also reaches an almost unhealthy anti-reformist stance, like denying the eco-capital framework of “help us to maintain the machine that fucked us in the first place, since I’ll go down with it otherwise, in order that I still get to explore you and fuck us only about 60% instead of full blown 100%”. Know what I’m saying? It’s a bit too anti-reform, but there’s a truth in that nevertheless. Or in the sense of the dead-endedness of it all and how current culture is an almost explicit fearful avoidance of that cliff, or that the cliff has passed, like anti-gravity stunted Willie Coyote about to pull the Yipes sign but he doesn’t want to look down to react just yet – so one lives in perpetual fear that can’t even afford to look the world in the face for one second anymore in order to even be able to create something new to answer to the world, one must retro-nostalgicly recycle things that barely ended 10 years ago like 90120 (or Monkey Island, or the oh-so-new household Brand-Tim-Burton’s product) and things like that. How the pulse is stunted. The author takes the overall pulse of how the elephant in the room is deafening in such blatant avoidance. While I find that sort of analysis a bit too up its own ass, there’s a certain value to it, in how these things translate into the human spirit and its age’s specifities).

    Hope to hear from y’all. Really loving the shows.

    • Tyler
      July 25, 2009

      To Mat,

      Your comment is going in so many directions that the reader cannot comprehend. I remember I wrote a letter like this to Noam Chomsky, and he said the same thing.

  4. Tyler
    July 25, 2009

    I think a lot of people don’t like thinking about war or politics too much. They think your negative if you talk about it in a critical way.

    Talking about bullets in heads doesn’t make for good conversation. I know…it’s dumb. But people don’t care!

    I hate it, but people really don’t give a shit that we are killing people. They are too busy living their lives to listen to some guy complain about politics.

    That’s the frustrating thing about being interested/concerned with this stuff.

  5. Tyler
    July 25, 2009

    Another thing I hate when I talk to people is when they accuse me of coming up with conspiracy theories. Like if I was to talk about the highway system and how it was designed by corporations, people would call me crazy.

    When I accuse Obama of things he’s obviously guilty of (drone attacks, being a corporate democrat), people are either apathetic, or they think I’m nuts. They say “conspiracy theory!”

  6. Tyler
    July 25, 2009

    great song!!!

  7. Allain Barnett
    July 25, 2009

    Hakim Bey is an entertaining read, and I am attracted to some aspects of what Bookchin would call “lifestyle anarchism” (which he of course hated vehemently). I enjoy the creative aspects of their writing and the forms of personal struggle they mention (poetic terrorism and forms of art) and I think they have a place. But lifestyle anarchism alone is not enough, if you continue to be alienated from others. The point is to break the alienation from others (which has personal elements), and organizing and collective forms of protest and struggle are necessary to fight capitalism and hierarchy. Haven’t read the Coming Insurrection, though, so i can’t really speak about that. I just know that Hakim Bey’s writings impressed me.

  8. Marcelo
    July 25, 2009

    Sorry Tyler, hadn’t slept that day – I can see now how it’s a big messy chunkpile of text (but I won’t rewrite it, at least not now, since I’ve slept even less today).

    Allain, yeah I enjoyed reading a few of Bey’s works (“Immediatism” IIRC seemed the most enjoyable) a few years ago and saw it pretty much the same way. It can be helpful in a poetic sort of way in finding new and creative ways to rethink certain iterations of power, its reach, its aesthetics, weird ways of understanding the effect of institutions on one’s particular context, ways to think of relations of independence (those TAZ stuff that easily go into bullshit territory), hierarchy and what “politics” are in their truly relevant form (as in, to your life and to what you can affect and so on, even if only the most up-your-own-ass individual form – instead of going the way of identity politics, “I’m a democrat” and its sub-versions, and using phantasmic abstract platforms, or “issues”, as essentially brand buttons). But yeah it’s mostly writers going up their own asses far too much and justifying why they don’t want to do shit and poo-pooing people and forces that managed to make tiny dents (too much of a thin line between the concepts of anti-reform, utter alienation, “temporary autonomous zones” and “McAnarchy lifestyle” there).

    And there’s also Bey’s creepy bullshit about kids that you only come to realize a bit too late that he might not just be trying to be all teenage-ish provocative (and you only get to kick yourself for not throwing the book against the wall earlier…)

  9. Marc J. Mancini
    July 27, 2009

    Hey guys! Great show and thanks for the links! I figure I would offer you guys some recent labor news happening here in Pittsburgh that’s related to the G20 summit. In order to “spruce up” the city of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl is allowing outside, private developers, such as Continental, to buy land real cheap on the North Shore location in Pittburgh to build a casino/hotels using tax payer money to subsidize them. Meanwhile, these corporate developers are not providing decent paying jobs with benefits to city employees. They are providing, non-union, very minimum wage jobs with no benefits to people who don’t even live in the area. So here we are in a region of Pittsburgh with high unemployment, disproportionately affecting minorities, and these private corporations are using our land and our tax-paying money to provide shit jobs for people not living in the area. This past friday on July 24th, union leaders and labor activists from SEIU, ACORN, and my local union–UFCW, Local 23, stormed the mayor’s office to demand a change in economic policy, and he chained his door! Here is a video link posted on our local news channel WPXI:

    Following up on the Friday protest, today on Monday, July 27th, union leaders and activists met again at city council to voice their demands and complaints. Again, I was there with my union. You can briefly see me sitting down–dark spikey hair with yellow UFCW shirt–yet they wouldn’t show the part when I got up to say a few words. Go figure. Here is a link to that as well provided by local news channel WPXI:

    Just figured you guys would be interested since it ties in to your recent labor news and the G20 summit. Perhaps posting these links on your website or talking about it real briefly on your show would be most helpful! I enjoy hearing labor news as do many others I’m sure. We’re all in this together–an injury to one is an injury to all! Thank you again!

    Peace, love, anarchy
    Marc J. Mancini UFCW, Local 23

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