The Authority Smashing! Hour


9/28/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

anarcho-heartThe Authority Smashing! Hour

One comment on “9/28/2009 The Authority Smashing! Hour

  1. Tyler
    October 1, 2009

    I like what you were saying about the G-20. I remember at a workshop I was attending, people complained that the some of the more radical people, like anarchists, who go to these protests and clash with police, tend to be white, male and have privilege. These “anarchists” who wear the anarcho-punk uniform, do things like spray painting, destroying property and insulting cops, while at the same time, ignoring the struggles of people in their own communities who don’t have privilege and cannot afford to get beaten up by a cop.

    Speaking of tasers, about a year ago, in Vancouver the RCMP tasered a guy to death in the airport. It was caught on tape and yet none of the four police officers have been put in jail for it.

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