The Authority Smashing! Hour


Monday 10/5/2009

2847288375.jpegThe first show in our new time slot: weeknights at 8 eastern.

3 comments on “Monday 10/5/2009

  1. Jamie
    October 6, 2009

    I’m really looking forward to the new timeslot!

  2. CaptainFrantic
    October 6, 2009

    This comment is meant for the show on 10/06/09 because I couldn’t wait and I have to get this out while it’s fresh lol …

    It was interesting having the (apparent) an-cappers on the show, and they made some good points but my point is that we all need (I feel) to be engaged in more and more civil dialogue with, I guess, anarchists of every stripe. Personally I’m sick to death of the drama and pwnage competitions that so regularly take place between anarchists of different qualifiers. The way I see it is that, if we achieved anarchy tomorrow, true anarchy I mean, then none of us will be able to force our brand on any one else. Each type will gravitate towards the community that fits his ideology and then, in that “free market” of ideas the benefits and pitfalls and downsides of each community will become evident over time.

    For instance, I may join a syndicalist community and up the road there may be an an-cap community. Over time it will become evident which is working out the best, in terms of progression, prosperity and personal happiness etc. It may well work out that I see the an-cap society doing really well on all points while my syndicalist society might suck hard. What do you think I’m going to do … I’m going to flip a finger at my community and hot tail it to the an-caps … tout suite! And of course the same works vice versa.

    So it seems to me that all this bitching between the various strands of anarchists is really unnecessary and non-productive. Worse, it’s totally counter-productive. I’m all for theoretical discussion and debate but this infighting has to stop man. So my 2c is that we need to be building as many bridges as we can between the different strands and concentrate on the one goal of removing the violent coercion of the state, concentrate our efforts on finding creative and plausible ways in which we can all work towards that end, each in our different ways maybe but as far as possible we need to find as much solidarity between ourselves as possible.

    Anyway, thus ends today’s sermon. =P

    • CaptainFrantic
      October 6, 2009

      I see the show has just hit the archive so I’ve copied this over to that one. Just goes to show that I need to work on my patience hehe. Sorry guys.

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