The Authority Smashing! Hour


Thursday 10/8/2009

anarcho-heartTonight’s Authority Smashing! Hour with Mr1001Nights and Chomskyan

5 comments on “Thursday 10/8/2009

  1. CaptainFrantic
    October 9, 2009

    It’s a consequential thing but I just wanted to say something about the caller that thought we were truthers and conspiracy theorists.

    It was really hilarious and we all had a bloody good laugh about it … I hope he calls back sometime because I can always do with a good belly laugh. Also I just wanted to say that I think Jonathan dealt with it quite “professionally” … I would have just cracked up laughing. Maybe in future though, rather than cutting off callers like that perhaps it may be good to at least try and show them otherwise whilst they are on the phone and they can react. Like I say though, I think Jon did well in replying and refuting after cutting the guy off.

    It’s really quite worrying though to think that people out there are under the impression that we anarchists have any point of convergence with the conclusions drawn by these NWO fanatics (even if we share some common ground in some of their critiques of the system). Not sure we can do much about it but it’s worth noting that there’s now yet another misconception for people to have about anarchists.

    The only other thing I’d like to mention is that I had a look at the link someone put up about the “Really Really Free Market” project. I didn’t bookmark the link but I did download the .pdf file that it lead to. I found this “gift economy” concept really interesting, particularly as it relates somewhat to the “free market garden” project I hope to launch next year. If anyone has the link to this could you please repost it here … cheers.


  2. jrpigg
    October 9, 2009

    Here is the link from crimethinc’s page:

    Here is the link to the zine version I posted in the chatroom during the show(formatted so that you can print it out & distribute) :

    • CaptainFrantic
      October 10, 2009

      Cheers Joey, both for the original heads up and for the re-post. I’m not sure that a gift economy is necessarily where I want to be heading but it has many merits imo, especially in the more local setting rather than the universal one. Activism of this sort is important, I feel, because it shines a light on the perverse and greedy “it’s all about ME” culture which currently prevails and also shows that “human nature” includes the both the dark *and* the light side. Peace man.

  3. 9r33n
    October 10, 2009

    I pity “the guy who works at starbucks” =~

    But seriously, what other choices these people have in this system right now?

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