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Friday, 10/16/2009

anarcho-heartFriday night! Second week complete!

Mr1001Nights and Chomskyan

3 comments on “Friday, 10/16/2009

  1. Alan
    October 17, 2009

    A bit off-topic, but did LaughingManOX lost his shit or is he parodying that Thor dude?

    • sp
      October 21, 2009

      Laughingman has been under the influence of a right-wing “anarchist” YouTuber called “Overmind” (who was recently banned but has a new channel I can’t recall ATM). It’s been sad watching him accept the superficial arguments of the propertarian apologists.

      • Alan
        October 27, 2009

        Yes, it’s a real shame. He was a smart contributor. Not saying he’s awful now or anything like that, but the overall *makes videos from up high for the randomest of youtubers to piss on their hope-fire with bathos-laced grand-standing anger directed mostly at government and the theft of taxes etc* (is lacking only a Guy Fawkes mask) seems more and more like a u-turn towards “anarcho”capitalism and overall RonPaulism, instead of a non-reformist/ non-compromising anger of some anarchist circles (which one could agree or not, but is surely lacking). His anger and furious indignation towards the government is quite legit and should be even stronger to even begin to reflect the true horror that is the State. But he really seems to be interested only in going against the wall that only the shadow of the problem rests on (while being pressed against that wall and the shadow by the source of the problem, the thing that coerces him and makes him dance/ come & go for it in a week more than the state does in a year).

        Still on youtube, that LeftLibertarian dude has made some excellent videos that really helps illuminating much of what is discussed here and by people with such interests. Everyone should check him out (and would be a great guest for ASH).

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