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Monday, Dec. 7th, 2009

December 7th, Noam Chomsky’s 81st Birthday, Pearl Harbor Day, and the anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, backed by the US.

With Mr1001Nights and Buddhagem

One comment on “Monday, Dec. 7th, 2009

  1. Zeno
    December 8, 2009

    Long post ahead:
    Kudos on the new “The Jones Report” video,Buddhagem. Your friend Bevin can really sing Mr1001nights! Glad you guys tackled the “Fuck Noam Chomsky” video by the Punk Patriot. I talked to the man himself through a mutual friend on Facebook. I had just watched Buddhagem’s exchanges with Variablast(who blew my mind with his outre takes on politics)and had deja vu when watching Punk Patriot’s video. I thought he was making some legitimate points about worshipping Chomsky until he drove it off a cliff..

    I commented on the video:”Say what you want about Chomsky,but you lost any credibility when you attempted to “define” Libertarian Socialism.Epic fail. Another politically confused American with a political youtube show.” I almost blasted him,but caught myself while typing that, when it hit me that maybe he was doing a character like his friend? Davis Fleetwood or Colbert. I quickly posted the comment:
    “P.S. If you are being satircal that is fucking hilarious.”

    I had asked a friend about it and he addressed me personally on the video. He told me:”The Punk Patriot IS a character who says things that I don’t always agree with, or if I do agree, he tends to take them to the logical extremes.

    In this case, I agree with him. I like Noam Chomsky as a talking head, but I never engage in hero-worship. Noam Chomsky is not the Pope of Progressive Thought. He is human, and fallible.

    Every human has their flaws and should be called out when they have logical inconsistencies. It makes us all stronger.” pretty reasonable critical thinking,but..look what he said! He is a lefty/Green apparently,but has not clarified whether the libertarian socialism rant was part of the act.(I suggested he could blame the character) I wrote him:Otherwise I was agreeing with most of the sentiment and examples of logical inconsistencies vis-à-vis recommending voting for Obama.(Chomsky has offered many viable solutions IMO,they don’t seem to be focused on by non-radicals)”


    “That video blew my mind when the Punk Patriot attacked Chomsky over the “incosistency” of claiming to be a libertartian socialist,etc. What was said comes across as non sequiturs and horrible ingnorance the likes of the craziest teabagger. Your definitions of libertarianism,socialism,and anarchism were way innacurate.
    You attacked a foremost linguist for using the correct terms.
    I’m a libertarian socialist and those at my end of the spectrum recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of using the word libertarian.

    He didn’t get pissed at me, so he doesn’t seemed married to that part of his arguement and ready to defend it to the death. He seems like a reasonble person to explain his gaffe to, if you were itching to post a reply video to his. One of you guys could better clarify to him about all the theories than I. I hope I contributed something to his understanding some and contributed to illuminating some of his thinking to you guys.


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