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Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 2010

Wednesday night,

Mr1001Nights and Eric for DC

News and a discussion on the history of the Spanish Civil War

One comment on “Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 2010

  1. Les
    January 22, 2010

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you guys on the show. Unfortunately, I can only listen to you on the following day, so my comments come sort of late.
    I would like to add few absolutely crucial facts which did not come out during discussion on the history of the Spanish Civil War. First of all we have to stress, that what took place in Spain was nothing less than anarchist revolution. Without that element, it would be war like many others. Murray Bookchin put it this way: “ It is not a myth but a sheer lie – to depict the Spanish Civil War as a mere prelude to world war II, an alleged conflict between “democracy and fascism.” Not even world War II deserves the honor of this ideological characterization. Spain was seized by more than a civil war: it was in the throes of a profound social revolution.”
    Also one of the callers mention, that fascist were sort of proficient idiots – disciplined and not thinking, while anarchists tend to hold too many opinions, and perhaps of this they were weaker. Anarchist can claim spectacular successes during that war, but successes of working people scared every power. Western democracies, Stalinists, and democratic government of Republic (not to mention fascists). Having that many enemies, they could not win. Anarchist were not defeated by fascist, they were stabbed in the back by communists, another important fact not mention during the show. They were disarmed by communist (communists had all the weapons from Soviet Union), jailed or simply killed. Members of International Brigades killed anarchist and POUM leaders ( Carlo Bernieri, and Andres Nin were assassinated). “ Communist execution squads were wandering over battlefields after troops had pushed forward and were killing wounded anarchosyndicalist with their characteristic black-and –red insignia.”
    I hope subject of Spanish Civil War will come out in the future. It is important to realize, that anarchists society created in that time was successful and functioning and failed only because of assault from outside.
    P.S. Quotations are from the book of Murray Bookchin “To Remember Spain.”

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