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Thursday, Jan. 28th, 2010

Thursday night,


Mr1001nights and Sweetdissant

2 comments on “Thursday, Jan. 28th, 2010

  1. garrett
    January 29, 2010

    I started this message once a few minutes ago to tell you about my own path through free market advocacy (from a left perspective) to my current views. (I no longer call myself a free market advocate only because of how the term is commonly used.) I decided to just move along without posting. Then I saw this:
    My original point was to be that you may not want to just call all of these guys “so-called anarcho-capitalists,” (just a curse word, to co-opt a Chomsky quote) and ignore them because you find them annoying or aggravating. Some of these young (mostly) guys are nothing short of brilliant. They should be sought after like college football recruits. We NEED them. They oppose hierarchy and exploitation; or, at least, some of them do. They are just young and don’t have a full understanding of the forces and motivations at work. They are me a year ago. And like I did, they have a different understanding of the terms “free market,” and “market anarchism,” than you do. Please try to understand that you and they have more in common than you realize (even if they refuse to).

  2. SubvertAParadigm
    January 30, 2010

    Hi there. I love this site and the shows, but I definitely would like to assert my beliefs about the state of anarcho-capitalism and how they need to be embraced as anarchists first.

    Many times the introduction to anarchism or libertarian socialism can come through the seemingly oxymoronic “anarcho-capitalism.” As a kid I believed fervently in the free market, with the idea that capital will always exist in some form. As I got older, I realized my understanding of the capitalist free-market differed greatly from the free-market that I had always envisioned, and I was able to evolve into debates on the definition of freedom (which is really the watershed difference between the two ideologies). I would never have been able to argue the anarchist or libertarian socialist view now so adamantly, had I not understood fully, first, what I was arguing against.

    Certainly the means to revolution determine the societal outcomes. But I don’t think many of the self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalists should be disregarded as absurdists, incapable of change, because many of the goals of “them” and “us” are common. Especially the fact that many of these anarcho-capitalists do not merely desire to create a state-free society, but also have an underlying mutualist perspective and are willing to accept any new free market that arises from a society post-statism (even a socialist free market), because it truly would be the will of the people.

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