The Authority Smashing! Hour


Friday, Feb. 5th, 2010

Friday The Authority Smashing Hour

With Jonathan aka Mr1001NIghts

and Ginny the sweetdissident

3 comments on “Friday, Feb. 5th, 2010

  1. Krim
    February 7, 2010

    Why doesn’t Dave ever come on the show any more?

    • dave
      February 9, 2010


      Joey and I are working on a two-hour show that will air once a week on Saturdays that will compliment the work done on a daily basis by ASH. The working name of the project is “Liberty Unchained” and I expect it to be off the ground within the next couple weeks.

      As for the show, I do still call in and will continue to do so and help out where I can. And I’m sure you’ll hear about the launch of Liberty Unchained on ASH. So stay tuned!

  2. Ron
    February 8, 2010

    after some further thought I agree with Jonathan that Russia is more of a military threat than China, especially with this ROmania thing, yet the media is definitely sending out mixed signals on China. Check out this article from ‘The Economist’ (which is brazenly right-wing yet tempered enough to retain a veneer of respectability):

    After laying out the dangers that China poses and the minefield we have stumbled upon, the article then ends on a sappy, optimistic note that is very incongruous with almost everything that preceded it. The article and others like it seem to be saying that we need China, we don’t want confrontation, but we want them to do as we say right now.

    “It must be encouraged to play its part—for instance, on climate change, on Iran and by allowing its currency to appreciate. As the world’s largest exporter, China’s own self-interest lies in a harmonious world order and robust trading system.”

    – LOL, right. So China should just accommodate itself to all U.S. demands, wishes and desires. But what if they refuse to get with the program? Will the godfather allow this?

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