The Authority Smashing! Hour


The NEW Authority Smashing! Hour 4/7/2010

The NEW Authority Smashing! Hour

With Mr1001Nights

and Sweetdissident

3 comments on “The NEW Authority Smashing! Hour 4/7/2010

  1. Evan
    April 8, 2010

    Excuse me, but could you provide me more information about the song played during the break? I heard that it was called “Leader” and it came from a friend named David. I liked the music, and I’m wondering if the artist has made more music like it.

    Thanks for the show and your time.

    • authoritysmashers
      April 9, 2010

      Hi Evan, that song is by the Green Belt Collective, and our friend David Adrian Mattatall is in the band.

      • Evan
        April 9, 2010

        Thanks for the information.

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