The Authority Smashing! Hour


The New ASH, Friday, 4/23/2010

The Authority Smashing! Hour

With your *favorite* co-host Chomskyan

and Alex aka Comradshaw

3 comments on “The New ASH, Friday, 4/23/2010

  1. dave
    April 25, 2010

    Hope you mention this on your upcoming shows. In New York City on May 1 we will be assembling at 11am at Foley Square. There are all kinds of unions backing this action and the IWW will be a part of it. To participate contact Jason Green at or call 212-239-7323.

    Also the IWW benefit is on and poppin’. We have eleven bands, three dj’s and a hell of a space. The DJ’s will be spinning revolutionary jams on the roof. One floor will be acoustic acts where you’re sure to hear all your favorite labor rebel jams. Another floor has the electric stuff, a mix of everything from Brooklyn’s finest MC Spirit Child to the wild musings of R-Tronika. If you like music, you will love this party.

    The event will be held at Surreal Estate at 15 Thames Street in Brooklyn New York; right off the L Train and Morgan stop. There is a sliding cover from $5 to $10 with drink specials for folks with a red card. We have no paid staff, so you can know that every dime raised will go right to workers and organizing campaigns. Please share this with everybody you know. We want this to become an annual tradition here in the City. We need your support.

    • Alex
      April 26, 2010

      Sounds like lots and lots of lefty fun buddhagem. I’d love to truck my ass up there, but I’m a little too domesticated for something that spontaneous haha. But I’ll drink to your red card, and you can drink to mine (bourbon for Kentucky of course).

      • dave
        April 27, 2010

        Thanks, Alex. Be sure and mention the events on your show. Thanks

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