The Authority Smashing! Hour


The Authority Smashing! Hour 5/11/2010

The Authority Smashing! Hour

With Mr1001Nights and Zeno

and guest John Harris of the Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition

One comment on “The Authority Smashing! Hour 5/11/2010

  1. Julia
    May 12, 2010

    Loved the show tonight. There’s so many things worth discussing I don’t know where to begin.

    I’ve always been interested on how and why states transformed from monarchies to republics and how that all coincides with the rise of capitalism. Figures that the capitalists would be the biggest nationalists since the state is what’s protecting their wealth. I’ve read so many history textbooks (mostly the ones we’re given in school) that portray nationalism and the transition to a capitalist republic as something “liberating” for the people, as if it was, as mentioned on the show, some kind of grassroots effort by the people to get rid of this monarch. We all know nationalism is far from liberating; it’s just a transition from one set of oppressors to another set. Even the so-called “socialist” and “people’s” republics don’t really serve the people to the fullest. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when you guys talked about the whole unions vs. Morales thing going down in Bolivia. It is very true that the leninist groups all view Morales and others like him (like Chavez, Castro, etc.) as saints who will pull the people up all by way of the state. I kind of laugh at that. I find myself having to explain to people who really do believe state socialism and social democracy are the answer to everything that the state is never going to give the people what they need. It’s all up to the people, not those in power.

    “No state, however democratic – not even the reddest republic – can ever give the people what they really want, i.e., the free self-organization and administration of their own affairs from the bottom upward, without any interference or violence from above.” – Bakunin

    On a completely different note, I’ve seen the kind of anti-abortion propaganda that Zeno brought up. The tactic d’jure the anti-abortion crowd is now using is a stupid conspiracy theory claiming abortionists specifically target black women as some kind of ethnic cleansing (they also bring up the fact that the woman who founded Planned Parenthood said some pretty racist things back in the day when racism was the mainstream). Total bullshit. Like SeanFromDallas said in the chat, they want to scare black women from having abortions so they’ll have more black youth to put in prisons and thus collect more money off the prison system. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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