The Authority Smashing! Hour


Thursday, January 20th 2011

Today in Radical History
1892 — US: First basketball game played at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

1920 — US: At the height of the Red Scare today, 4000 foreign-born labor agitators & radicals are arrested for radical activities, over 500 of …(tharr be more)whom are later deported. In America we boastfully call this “Freedom” & are damned proud of it.

1929 — Manchuria: The Korean anarchist guerrilla general Kim Jwa-Jin (sometimes called the Korean Makhno) is assassinated while doing repair work on a rice mill.
The Korean Anarchist Federation in China was formed in April 1924. Over 2 million Koreans were living in Manchuria, & the Korean anarchists were active & influential among them.

1934 — Germany: Nazis abolish collective bargaining & union elections.

1942 — Germany: Nazi officials hold notorious Wannsee conference in Berlin deciding on “final solution” calling for extermination of Europe’s Jews.

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