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Peter Gelderloos on Climate Change (clip)

‘An Anarchist Solution To Global Warming‘ by Peter Gelderloos:

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Wisconsin Protests VS Armchair Anarchism

Today after headlines we discuss some of the less fortunate responses to the Wisconsin protests. Infoshop article on Wisconsin class struggle:     

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Gaddafi: A Fucking Lunatic? Yes. & Troll Feeding

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Middle East news, Malcolm X, & more


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Headlines, Paul Street commentary & mucho mas

Paul Street’s website: Molotov Folktale: _____________________________________________________

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Headlines & Wisconsin protest coverage

  Proof Gov. Walker is a con artist: The Best Protest Signs At The Wisconsin Capitol:

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“Biohacker”Lepht Anonym on DIY Transhumanism

              Wired Magazine’s article on Lepht Anonym & transhumanism: “Scrapheap Transhumanism” by Lepht Anonym:

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Interview with Jeff “Free” Luers

    SweetDissident and Ron speak with Jeff “Free” Luers about a variety of topics: the anarchist movement, political prisoners, and of course the environmental crisis. Big thanks to Jeff … Continue reading

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Headlines & interview with Waziyatawin

Waziyatawin is a Dakota Native American author, activist and truth teller. Our interview with her after the headlines.

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(Clip) Anti-Capitalist Strategies in the 21st Century

Recording of a panel at the 2011 North American Anarchist Studies Network conference. ‘Crimethinc – Fighting in the New Terrain~ Anti-Capitalist Strategies in the 21st Century’

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Headlines and radical analysis of world events

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Headlines, Paul Street commentary & more


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U.S. prison system is the new Jim Crow

Tonight we play a clip of Michelle Alexander speaking about her new book ‘The New Jim Crow’. Michelle is an associate professor of law at Ohio State University and a … Continue reading

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