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On “Zizek vs. Chomsky”

There is no Zizek-Chomsky debate. Let’s all just admit Zizek is an intellectual fraud and authoritarian. His comments don’t merit serious analysis or frankly response from Chomsky, beyond pointing out the KR lie or the racist comment lie. Everybody just wants to hate on Chomsky to be cool so much they are giving Zizek a pass for slander. Its interesting that Chomsky’s nuance is attacked by purists for not being pure enough and by enemies that spin it to say things he does not support, like the Khmer Rouge. At no point does Chomsky or Herrmann minimize or make excuses for the KR or condone their atrocities. They were pointing out the hypocrisy of Western propaganda focusing on the KR’s atrocities only when it suited them while ignoring our own crimes in East Timor. Claiming Chomsky denies genocide in Bosnia and Rwanda is fallacious too and made by people with axes to grind that sided with western imperialism in the Kosovo War and now in Africa. “Rwandan Genocide denial” is a red herring cooked up by the Kgame regime to slander people who accurately report on the truth that genocide happened on both sides rather than the official version of the story. You will be punished for nuance rather than be recognized for accuracy is what I learn from attacks on Chomsky.–Zeno

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This entry was posted on July 24, 2013 by in Smasher's Blogs, Zeno's Entries.
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