The Authority Smashing! Hour


The ASH Network: Horizontal Power Hour


Episode 44: No Pride in Apartheid!

Horizontal Power Hour’s 44th consecutive episode, features excerpts from a presentation which occurred on Friday, June 15th in Hartford.  The event, called “No Pride in Apartheid” was hosted by Queers Without Borders, and featured three speakers tackling the issues of Israeli apartheid and occupation, settler colonialism, transphobia, and Israeli pinkwashing – the painting of the state of Israel as a queer friendly state, obscuring the forms of Israeli state violence enacted onto queer people across the region, and onto Palestinians in particular.  You will hear from transgender activist, anti-apartheid scholar Saffo Papantonopoulou, from New School Students for Justice in Palestine, and author of the zine Pinkwashing, Colonialism, and Transphobia, and longtime lesbian activist and organizer for peace in the middle east, Liz Aaronsohn, from the group We Refuse to Be Enemies.

Original air date: 6-26-12

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