The Authority Smashing! Hour


The Authority Smashing! Hour: Radical Report 1/21/14


The Authority Smashing! Hour: Radical Report

Radical analysis of news, politics,commentary and reports from the front lines of the struggle. Produced by the Authority Smashers Collective. First show of 2014. We will be covering tons of headlines from around the world, pot legalization, NSA updates, the Anarchist Memes drama, and the radical MLK, Jr.

On the Passing of Nelson Mandela:

The Western MSM portrayal of Mandela’s life is interesting in the same way MLK was appropriated and whitewashed and made less radical and dangerous to the ruling elite. All the racist reactionaries who condemned him as a communist and a terrorist and even lobbied to keep him imprisoned are now claiming what a great man he was. I have offered that we try to celebrate the resistance and struggle of the man, but not worship a “great man or leader of history” and not let him be turned into a whitewashed safe symbol divorced from the remarkable radical individual. We can also be honest about his capitulation to neoliberalism in his role as president.–Zeno

Black anarchist Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin shared his thoughts on FB:

          In thinking about Nelson Mandela. You must respect him for his role as leader of the South African national liberation movement and his long years of imprisonment. He was the one figure that kept the anti-apartheid struggle alive over so many years. But as happens to revolutionaries who become politicians, they begin to compromise with the capitalists, and secret negotiations with the white government began in the latter years of his confinement. The capitalist class and his political position ultimately compromised him, as it has done many other leaders of anti-colonial struggles who ascend to power, and when he came out he saw his role as not having a bloody, (but triumphant), revolution but instead seeking negotiation and statesmanship to transform the state into a multi-racial capitialist democracy. Yes, this ended the formalized institution of racial apartheid, just as civil right struggles in the USA ended racial segregation, but it did not end capitalism. Now, you have a thoroughly corrupt government and millions of people in poverty, while a class of Black capitalists have arisen to control the state. The African Nationalist Congress, Mandela’s party, are the ones killing striking miners and murdering shack-dweller activists in the streets, and have been instituting instituting class warfare since seizing power. They are privatizing the economy and presiding over 25-40% unemployment over the S. African working class. The ANC is now working directly with the same rich white corporations that had been there exploiting the people since the creation of the white state. A revolution is still on the agenda, if the people are to be free. We need to learn that a capitalist caretaker regime, presided over by an authoritarian “radical” party does not constitute liberation. At best, it may open a door, at worst it just delays the inevitable in order to enhance the fortunes of corrupt politicians and an authoritarian state. So, while we we look at and respect the life and sacrifices of Mandela, we must also understand that revolution has not come to South Africa, just as it did not come to the USA after the 1960’s.

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