The Authority Smashing! Hour



The Authority Smashing! Hour is a daily anarchist radio show hosted by a group of AUTHORITY SMASHERS:



“Comradshaw,” aka Alex Bradshaw, is a propagandist/ agitator from Louisville, Kentucky. He writes articles, makes videos on Youtube, and participates in the Authority Smashing Radio Collective. Alex is also a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), as well as the Louisville Anarchist Federation Federation (LAFF). You can find his work at, he publishes regularly at Infoshop, Anarchist News, and has been published in the Institute for Anarchist Studies’ journal Perspectives. When not trying to prefigure the new world, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, riding bicycles, music, and beer.

Ron in Philly

Paul in RI


Liberte Locke

Zeno (Derek Johnson)

I wear many hats–writer, artist, cartoonist, documentary filmmaker. I identify as a libertarian socialist and  anarcho-syndicalist. Also a Secular Humanist, Philosophical Taoist, Non-theist/Atheist/freethinker under the Unitarian Universalist umbrella. Social justice,disability rights, human rights, radical feminism, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, volunteering,  activism, advocacy, and freedom of speech are very important to me. I have been an advocate for children with mental illness, a civil rights/human rights and homeless rights activist, and have volunteered at my local community radio station.

Charngchi Way

Charngchi worked in the special education field for many years, working with autistic, deaf, blind, and other people with special needs. He is working on several participatory projects.


4 comments on “About

  1. Steven
    October 27, 2009

    Is this podcast available on iTunes or other podcasting library?

    • authoritysmashers
      October 27, 2009

      Yes, search for blogtalkradio and authority smashing hour, you should find it.


      • Steven
        October 27, 2009


  2. DPic
    July 29, 2010


    Dear Authority Smashers (and fellow comrades),

    Keep up the great work! I am Danny, known as TheSilentNumber or 𝄽#. I helped get the ball rolling for Noam Chomsky’s interview from Reddit, a democratic social news and discussion community which gets 400,000,000 pageviews from more than 8,000,000 unique visitors every month, and a thriving anarchist sub-community: I got in touch with the site admins to coordinate an interview on behalf of, and to promote, Reddit’s anarchist community. I was also there for the interview and have my own copy of the video and audio which will be released under a free culture license.

    I have a strong interest in issues concerning the control and distribution of media and the democratization of information. For this reason, I am an active proponent of free software, referred to as “open source” by those who only value the way the software is produced, rather than the underlying freedoms it preserves to enable such production. Free software is a matter of freedom, not price. Free software is paramount for a free society, and the free culture movement (of a whole with the free software movement) is the most lasting and successful contemporary anarchist effort yet, arguably aside from the internet itself (so long as network neutrality remains intact).

    As computers play ever-increasingly integral roles in more and more aspects of our lives, the need for software freedom to guarantee users’ control over their own computing is critical. The software which runs on our computers defines how we experience and interact with the world, and we must ensure that us, users, have the freedom and control to determine how we connect and communicate with one another. Through transparency and openness derived from a philosophy advocating four essential freedoms, the free software movement has become one of the most successful social movements in recent history. Free software provides the tools and platforms which enables a global community to work effectively for social good. Technology can either be used to control us or, if we have control over our own technology, to empower us.

    Free software concerns user freedom and control over the technology we use. Free culture concerns all kinds of musical, literary, etc works and the ownership and control over the flow of and access to information. These issues are complex and technical, so they may be daunting to many people, and this is our biggest obstacle. I’m writing to ask for your support and to extend the hand of anarchist community within free software to answer any questions you might have. It would be great to discuss free culture and free software on the show, and also for all of your great work to be licensed under the free culture licenses, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, and the GNU Free Documentation License, as used for An Anarchist FAQ. I am always happy to donate to free culture projects, as are many others.

    The free software and free culture definitions:

    Why software should not have owners:

    Anarchism and free software:

    All the best,

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